The main objectives are to:

Developing teaching methods and strategies on the basis of key competences and MI

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1/modify the school curricula and implement in them the activities basing on the needs of students learning styles due to dominating intelligencies. In the schools the students will prepare projects and tasks on the project issues eg. by different methods of work and teaching approaches All these will be conducted during teaching process, there will be the documentaries made. The observation of students while their work will give the teachers information how their dominating intelligence corresponds with the method they were given to work by. Transnational modification of the curricula on the basis of data and observation will give us a chance to exchange experience,verify the reliability and the context of research, knowledge about educational systems and the teaching problems other partners face and cope with, share know-how.

2/eliminate routine activities, create tools to trigger creativity in aquiring Key Competences

3/support acquisition of skills and key competence by enhancing their learning results and reaching success;
enrich the educational offer of the institutions by project activities, students’ exchange, new methods of teaching, activating many teachers in the institution.
Create international cooperation by e-mails, blogs,ICT tools, meetings .The experience shows that these type of relationship is a long lasting one involving all families

4/increase the team-work skills both among students and the teachers- the students will work in teams in their countries and during the visits in information search, realizing the tasks and evaluating in blog. They will have to use communication competence, language and interpersonal skills. The teachers will have a chance to work in an international environment, share experience and practice language skills.

5/intercultural cooperation to select information from organizations’ expertise and process them by realizing one task,

6/gaining the skill to use information and experience

7/increase the courage to action, develop teachers strengths and competence.

8/use observation and research as tools to modify curricula.

The target groups of our project are:teachers, students, specialists and communities. For the teachers and students the transnational character of the project is opportunity to develop language, communication and interpersonal skills. They will have a chance to travel abroad which is for many students new experience and in some cases probably the only one in their lives. They will be given a chance to work under the supervision of foreign teachers, new approaches to teaching. They will also meet new friends and break fear and stereotypes concerning foreigners also they will have a chance to break the stereotypes about their countries. The transnational meetings and work for students is motivation for learning languages, continue education and develop skills. Transnational character of project will give us a chance to exchange the ideas, eliminate routine activities and modify the methods.