In the Erasmus+ project „Developing teaching methods adn srategies our first and most important task was to inform our colleagues, students and their parents about the details of the winner project on the first teachers’ meeting, students’ and parents’ meetings.

After creating the general rules of the prorject of our institution we formed the Erasmus+ Club for the students and teachers who are interested in the project work and tasks and who take part very activly and enthusiastically.

Organizing the competition of making the project Logo wes a great challenge and success among the pupils as they could improve their Art and Visual Intelligences with interest and enjoyment. Their Art teachers helped their work and tried to use varied and new methods. The students made the PPT presentations in English about the partner countries with pleasure. The task was particular and very useful for them as they could improve their mother, foreign languages and ICT key competences. One of the main tasks of our project is to improve the students’ MI. That’s why every partner institution made the children fill in a questionnaire on MI. After analyzing the questionnaires the partners informed each other about the results on the first project meeting in Portugal. The results were very similar in the partner schools. We listened to a lecture on the theory of MI in English given by the psychologist of the Portuguese school. In a year we will repeat this questionnaire to see how our students’ improvement will be influenced by using new methods which are learnt from each other during the project.

Our first project meeting was organized in Portugal in November, 2017 where we leart from the education system of the partner countries, the structures and wor of the partner schools and we made concrate the project tasks in details. We got a lot of information about the everyday life, the work and the customs of a Portuguese school.

In December our students made the Christmas cards which were sent to our partner schools. Our pupils made PPT presentations in English about the Christmas traditions and customs in Hungary and there also was a film made about our traditional Christmas School Concert. We also learnt Christmas songs too. The Hungarian children learnt the Portuguese Christmas song and the Portuguese pupils learnt the Hungarian one. These project activities perfectly improved the students’ mother and foreign languages and ICT key competences and the civic, cultural, social, Art and Music Intelligences.

Having Skype talking to the partner students and teachers served not only improving the childrens’ foreign language and communication competences but helped  them to make their social and civic intelligence much better.

In January 48 students in special classes of English filled in language test sin English (listening, reading and vocabulary) and the result of it was: reading: 89%, listening: 89%, vocabulary: 58%. The result of the test shows that improving the vocabulary must be a very important task during the project and it will be provided by the project activities, the project meetings and by the teaching methods and srategies we can learn from each other.

The members of the Erasmus+ Club made PPT presentations about Hungary, Debrecen and their school in English and the best ones were presented in Tichy on the project meeting. Every PPT presentation making was a competition for our students. One of the main tasks of the meeting in Poland was to improve the communication competence and the inter and intrapersonal intelligences. We had to prepare for teaching there with our partners and make five lesson plans according to the main aims containing new teaching methods.Five students and three teachers took part in the very useful and enjoyable lessons and the project avtivities. we could learn new teaching methods („ cabbage method”). The students worked in international teams and and leart how to make reports, blogs and lectures and how to use KAHOOT. The teachers also worked in international teams and had lessons together with the partner teachers according to the chosen lesson plans.

Our spring tasks were very variable and enjoyable too. these were: making Easter cards for the partners, making PPT presentations and a film about the Hungarian Easter traditions and customs, recording spring songs, writing spring poems in English. These project activities hwlped to improve the pupils’ key competences and MI.

Making five lesson plans on reading, writing and literacy was one of the tasks for preparing for the Hungarian project meeting. A common  book and a DVD were made according to the lesson plans by the Hungarian team during the meeting.

The main task of the project meeting in Hungary was to improve the students’ literacy skills, reading and writing competences. In order to achive it the students and the teachers worked in international teams doing different, variable exercises. The children created poems on a competition worked on texts, analyzed texts, took part in playing a tale, played role play, took part in a speech contest, took part in a competition using a special tool called „voting set” and they took part on lessons too. Taking part in these project activities the students could improve all their key competences and MI. The teachers also worked in international teams and could teach together with the partners according to the chosen lesson plans and learnt new methods (method of prediction) by visiting a special lesson.

The initial project activities and objectives have been carried out so far.

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